A word about Baseball

by octopushat

Chavez Ravine

I know that the world doesn’t need another sports-blog.  And I have no intention of this site becoming bogged down with commentary or analysis on the Los Angeles Dodgers.  But I also know better than to arbitrarily mark any subject as verboten in the infancy of this site.  This site is about providing me with a creative outlet first and second, hopefully, providing entertainment for my readers. So bear with me as occasionally I will post about Baseball.  But Baseball is a big part of my life, and it is a fertile field to harvest writing inspiration from.

Plus, Baseball is a fascinating subject and I secretly hope that I can turn someone on to the beauty of the game through my writing.  That said, if the post frequency does start to trend too-heavily into sports-blog territory I want to hear about it.  So please let me know what you want to read about, or what you don’t want to read about, or what posts and articles hit homeruns with you.