For Sale: Nikon Camera Gear (Including D5100 Body and Great Glass)

I’ve been a loyal Nikon shooter since getting my first dSLR for my birthday in 2007, and I’ve since built up a powerful collection of great lenses for the Nikon DX format. But, technology marches on, and now that Julie has invested in the Olympus/Panasonic Micro Four-Thirds system it just doesn’t make sense to keep two collections of glass. I’ve decided to try and sell off all my Nikon gear that’s served me so well for so long to fund a migration to Micro Four-Thirds as well. I could list all this stuff on Craig’s List or Reddit (and I may still), but I figured I’d give my social network a shot at some killer gear at great prices before I hassel with selling to strangers. Read on for the details on what I’m selling, and for how much.  Read the rest of this entry »