An Editorial Note.

by octopushat

While I continue to develop the voice and tone for this project, I wanted to clarify my usage of the editorial we.  While at times I will use the editorial we, I am predicting that the majority of instances of “we,” especially in a post categorized as “JMV,” will be referring to myself and my wife and partner Julie.

I cannot even fathom what path my life would have taken without Jules.  But I do know that the last 12 years that I have spent with her have been more full and wonderful that any years I have had prior.  Each night I go to bed next to her excited for what the next day will bring for us. My greatest goal, on a long list of goals, is to make a living working by her side.  I cannot abide spending so much of our waking lives apart and working to make other people money.

My dream is to spend our working lives together, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to make that work.  I’ve been working away at this problem for a couple of years, and it remains #1 on my list.

Do you work with your spouse/partner/soul mate? What do you do? How did you find a vocation that would highlight both of your skill-sets? Any tips for me?